This Digital Life
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This Digital Life

Sieh Dir mein neues Flipboard Magazin This Digital Life an

Self-made Google Glass.

Self-made Google Glass.

Night Mode

I spend a lot of my reading in bed at night. There’s just not that
much time for me during the day to catch up. And when I do it’s dark
(obviously) and that’s when an app’s night mode comes in handy. Night
mode always shines when it comes to spend longer times in an app.

These are the apps I frequently use and love for their night mode:

Feedly - My current #1 RSS reader
Twitterrific 5 - That’s what I use for Twitter right now.
Instapaper - Where longer articles go to
The Magazine - An amazingly innovative magazine with all kinds if
different articles
Jasmine - The best YouTube client. Fluid and elegant.
Kindle - My ereader app of choice

Among those Twitterrific 5 and Instapaper offer an automatic switch
which I really really love. I wish all apps would offer to switch
automatically. I admire and appreciate the technical approach
Instapaper uses but I’m also satisfied with the apparently (at least
that’s what I think how it works) timely switch Twitterrific uses.

Day in the life of my iPhone

5:50am - Alarm clock, time to get up. Update sleep status on Path.
6:05am - Start the day with a run, tracked by the Nike+ app, accompanied by either Spotify or the Podcast app
7:20am - Sync run to Path, Twitter and Facebook
7:25am - Save weight in Weightbot
7:45am - Breakfast - Flipboard, Feedly, Twitterrific 5 and Safari for news
8:15am - Geoalert at child care
8:15am - Maps app and Podcast or Spotify
8:50am - Checking in at Location via Path and Spotify
9:00am - Make myself a tea. Let Siri set the timer for 8 minutes
10:00am - Check notes on Simplenote
11:30am - Check and organize Todos on Gtasks
1:00pm - Check news on, Twitterrific 5, Feedly and Safari
4:40pm - Receive nice image updates from my family on Path
6:30pm - Tell Siri to navigate me home
10:30pm - Sync my Nike Fuelband, status gets updated both on the app and on Path
10:31pm - Tell Path that I’m sleeping now

My main computer is my iPhone 4S. That’s just a small glimpse of what I’m using that thing for everyday.